Our Mission

Our philosophy here at Natrulo is “nature knows best.” Proudly handmade in the USA out of pure herbal extracts and therapeutic grade essential oils sourced locally, our natural skincare formulas vouch for nature's healing abilities in every respect. Unlike other skincare creams, lotions and ointments used to treat common skin ailments, our bath and body care products contain absolutely no additives, synthetics, parabens, chemicals, phthalates, gluten, dyes, GMOs or artificial fragrance.

Face Masks

Pure Clay Mask

Made from natural ingredients in their rawest & purest form, this mud mask powder is a product of nature—best-powdered face mask for beautifully clear skin.

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Turmeric Face & Body Scrub

The scrub reaches deep into pores & draws impurities like a magnet. Skin detoxing mask prevents bacteria buildup & shrinks the size of pores to give skin an evenly refined finish.

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Soaps Collection

Kids Collection

  • David

    The turmeric soap helps with skin brightening and removing acne scars. I like that it’s made in the USA from all natural ingredients.

  • Hana

    Our infant had an ear infection, and the Natrulo ear oil has come in handy to help clear out the ears. Our baby has been less fussy since then! 

  • Irene

    The nail treatment is easy to use, and the scent is not strong (I like aromatherapy and natural scents).

    It does an excellent job at treating nail fungus to restore clear nails.