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Calamine Soap

Calamine Soap

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  • LOVINGLY SOOTHES ITCH AWAY: Gentle & safe for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin or skin affected by psoriasis, eczema, chiggers, chicken pox, shingles, ant bites, bug bites, mosquito bites, wasp stings, bee stings.
  • PURELY NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Rich base consists of coconut oil, olive oil, raw cocoa butter, colloidal oats, calamine powder & aloe vera. Enjoy fast acting extra strength itch relief the 100% all natural way.
  • INSTANT COOLING ITCH RELIEF: Itch no more! The best itchy rash treatment for inflamed, irritated skin, our natural bar soap acts as an itchy skin body wash to provide instant itch relief, ease & tension release.
  • SCENTED WITH ESSENTIAL OILS: Blend includes infusion of orange essential oil & eucalyptus essential oil to enhance skin healing benefits but also give the soap an energizing, highly refreshing herbal scent.
  • LATHER, APPLY, LET DRY, RINSE: Lather natural oatmeal soap bar, allow suds to penetrate for 2-3 minutes, rinse with cool water, pat dry. Performs as skin calming body wash to instantly calm skin & ease itching.
Product Description:

You're a lather away from experiencing all natural itch relief. Carefully crafted from pure ingredients, our xtra strength
anti itch wash relieves itchy, swollen, dry skin affected by bug bites, eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, xerosis, dermatitis.

✅ RECOMMENDED FOR KIDS, MEN, WOMEN - #1 Natural Itch Defense Body Wash Soap Bars
#1 after bite itch eraser treatment for summer camp! Soothes skin exposed to poison ivy, chiggers, chicken pox.

✅ MOISTURIZES SKIN, PROMOTES HEALING - Softens, Hydrates, Protects Skin From Irritants
Cleanse & moisturize inflamed skin in one easy step. Our calamine soap leaves skin dewy, soft & hydrated.

✅ CALMS, NOURISHES & CLARIFIES SKIN - Replenishes Skin With Nutrients to Prevent Scarring
Nourishing calamine body wash formula rapidly delivers soothing itch & rash relief to support faster healing.

We use the purest, rawest organic ingredients to make artisanal soap bars. They give new meaning to natural skincare.

Calamine Powder: helps dry out wounds & bites that lead to itching & irritation

Coconut Oil: kills topical bacteria - reduces skin inflammation, redness, puffiness

Aloe Vera: anti-inflammatory soothes skin with a cooling effect & kills germs

Olive Oil: yields intense hydration - improves elasticity & gives skin a supple texture

Cocoa Butter: evens skin tone - prevents scars left by bug bites, scratching, breakouts

Pink French Clay: rich in silica - detoxifies, draws out impurities, stimulates circulation

Ground Oats: colloidal oatmeal eases irritation & builds protective barrier of defense

Orange Essential Oil: clarifies skin - aroma energizes, releases tension, relieves stress

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: skin cleansing, clarifying abilities - eliminates surface bacteria

You can't go wrong with our itchy skin relief calming soap bar. Click ADD TO CART to order your anti itch body wash bar!

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