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Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper Rash Cream

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  • PURE OF THE EARTH OINTMENT: A healing blend of purely organic ingredients sourced from flowers, plants & vegetables, our natural diaper rash ointment tops the list of homeopathic diaper rash remedies for baby.
  • HEALS + PROTECTS BABY'S SKIN: Locks in hydration to heal existing diaper rashes & seals out wetness to prevent them from occurring in the future. It's rich like a salve & thick like a paste but easier to apply.
  • VEGAN, VEGETARIAN, HOLISTIC: The holistic diaper rash medicine preferred by mindful parents, this magic ointment is vegan & vegetarian friendly. It contains raw butters, botanical extracts & luscious seed oils.
  • SOOTHING ALL NATURAL SCENT: Free of synthetics & artificial fragrance. Scented with an infusion of chamomile & lavender essential oils. The relaxing scent soothes & calms a fussy baby pained by an itchy booty.
  • RESPONSIBLE DIAPERING SUPPLIES: Nontoxic & dye-free, our diaper rash balm lovingly soothes an itchy bum & quickly relieves inflammation. Happy booties = happy babies. Add the ointment to your diapering supply!

Product Description:

The cleaner diaper rash treatment, this diaper rash ointment contains absolutely NO unnatural

ingredients. Naturally wholesome, the buttery blend pampers the booty as it promotes healing,
reduces redness & relieves inflammation. It's thicker than a lotion but thinner than a butt paste.

฀ Mango Butter: ultra moisturizing butter derived from mango seeds rich in vitamin A

฀ Bentonite Clay: draws impurities from skin to support detoxification & rejuvenation

฀ Chamomile Oil: soft floral fragrance promotes relaxation & releases pent up tension

฀ Lavender Oil: considered best stress relief oil, helps calm & comfort baby's senses

฀ Calendula: speeds up healing & recovery of topical wounds, inflamed or broken skin

฀ Comfrey: deeply nourishing & hydrating, found to stimulate cell repair & regrowth

฀ Chickweed: extremely therapeutic extract - antifungal, antibacterial & antirheumatic

฀ Marshmallow Root: reduces swelling, widely used to treat skin disorders & infection

฀ Hemp Seed Oil: calms skin irritation - replenishes moisture, proteins & fatty acids

฀ Vitamin E: helps prevent scarring & marking, heals & conditions inflamed skin

฀ Vegetable Emulsifier: thickening agent added to make applying the ointment easier

Performs as a diaper rash relief cream & diaper rash prevention cream. Treats rashes
but also prevents them. Best choice diaper rash treatment for baby with sensitive skin.

- Safe for Newborn, Infant Babies
- Gentle Enough for Delicate Skin
- Provides Aromatherapy Benefits
- Smooths & Softens Little Bums
- 2 oz Jar, a little goes a long way
- Only 100% Natural Ingredients
- #1 Holistic Diapering Essentials

Traditional diaper rash creams are full of questionable ingredients. Enjoy an pure, honest
approach to baby products with Naturlo's All Natural Diaper Rash Butt Cream Ointment.

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