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Kids Oatmeal Soap

Kids Oatmeal Soap

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  • Fortified with raw cactus gold honey powder & pure colloidal oatmeal, this kid's bar soap
    has healing properties to help soothe, calm & comfort itchy skin affected by rash, eczema,
    sunburn, bug bites, skin sensitivities & more. Lightly scented with patchouli oil & vanilla
    sandalwood oil, the goat milk soap also has aromatherapy qualities to de-stress the senses.

    Nourishing, hydrating & found to cleanse skin without stripping it of moisture, goat's milk
    contains fat compounds that wash away impurities without leaving skin dry, tight or stiff.
    Loaded with vitamin A & selenium, this nutritious milk reduces swelling & inflammation.

    Powdered cactus honey is a natural humectant rich in antioxidants & nutrients vital for skin
    health. Derived from wild cactus plants, this natural agave nectar is packed full of amino
    acids, fatty acids, iron & calcium to repair skin damage & prevent scarring from scratching.

    The colloidal oats blended into this gentle soap for kids soothe, calm & comfort irritated or
    itchy skin inflamed by ant bites, mosquito bites, diaper rashes, allergic reactions & more.
    Recommended for rash & itch relief, the goat milk soap is a top choice for baby's bath time.

    - Pure ALL Natural Soap Bar for Kids & Babies
    - NO Sulfates, Chemicals, Parabens or Additives!
    - Cleansing, Hydrating, Gentle on Sensitive Skin
    - Safe for Washing Face, Body, Hair, Hands, Etc.

    No other natural kid's body wash soap bar takes into account the delicate nature of baby skin.
    Our sensitive skin baby soap bar is best for bathing tiny tots, newborn infants & young children.
    Act now to start gently & safely cleansing. Click ADD TO CART to order your 4oz soap bar!
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