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Turmeric Face Wash

Turmeric Face Wash

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  • TURMERIC FACE CLEANSER: 4 ounce turmeric face wash for colored spots, acne scars, discoloration & more. Infused with pure turmeric root oil, our turmeric liquid face soap puts the spotlight on this unique plant.
  • HYDRATING, SOFTENING, CALMING: This turmeric facial cleanser gradually cleanses & improves the complexion to combat dullness, circles, spotting & sun damage. It's the wholesome anti aging cleanser your dull skin craves.
  • SAFE, GENTLE DAILY WASH: Use the natural turmeric facial soap as a daily face cleanser without worrying about drying. Enriched with ginger essential oil, & lemon essential oil our cleanser is also hydrating & softening.
  • CLEAN RINSE FACE WASH: Though extra rich & moisturizing, this face wash for blemishes, spots n black heads rinses clean. Use morning & night to wash your face for a cleaner, younger looking, glowing complexion.
  • PLANT-BASED SKINCARE: Our natural skincare products are made out of the purest oils & extracts available. A standout member of our collection, this exfoliating cleanser restores a gorgeous glow to dry, damaged skin.

Product Description

Featured in our turmeric skincare collection, this all natural turmeric face cleanser is the best 100% pure turmeric face wash for acne & spots. The skin cleansing face soap brightens & boosts glow to leave the complexion bright & beautiful. And it contains only raw extracts!
✅ Turmeric Skin Brightener Soap
✅ Gentle Enough for Daily Use
✅ Promotes Pore Detoxification
✅ Cleanses & Brightens Dull Skin
✅ Helps Face Acne Scars & Spots
Our turmeric face wash combats acne, dulling, discoloration, sun spots, age spots, scars & more to restore a youthful glow to skin damaged by UV exposure, cystic acne, discoloration, etc.
Organic Soap Base: Cleansing & hydrating, our turmeric face soap for spots & dull skin washes away impurities without stripping skin dry of moisture or essential nutrients.
Wild Turmeric Powder: The anti-inflammatory & antioxidant components of turmeric contribute to a soft, supple texture & healthy luster by brightening dulled complexions.
Pure Turmeric Oil: This liquid form of turmeric is loaded with glow boosting nutrients to help clear up acne, remove dark spots, diminish the appearance of scars & much more.
Ginger Essential Oil: Though proven to combat red tones & cleanse hyperpigmentation, ginger essential oil is also naturally antiseptic & antibacterial. It leaves skin clear & clean!
Lemon Essential Oil: This citrus oil reaches deep into pores to draw out dirt, oil & other impurities to prevent breakouts. It gently cleanses & detoxifies without drying out skin.
DIRECTIONS: dispense liquid face soap into palm of hand, rub hands together to create a lather, massage into damp skin, rinse off with warm water, pat dry & follow up with our natural skin serums, toners & creams for brighter, softer, smoother, healthier looking skin.
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