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Scar Repair Cream

Scar Repair Cream

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  • NATURAL SCAR FADE CREAM: Natrulo’s signature scar cream is nature’s best scar cream for dark scars, old scars, new scars, c-section scars, acne scars, keloid scars, ingrown hair scars & more.
  • PROVEN TO DIMINISH SCARS: A 100% all natural blend of raw butters, pure oils, herbs, undiluted extracts & beeswax, this scar healing cream replenishes skin with essential nutrients required for rapid repair.
  • FACE + BODY SCAR REMOVAL: Enriched with coconut oil, shea butter, emu oil, vitamin E & aloe, the scar fade cream can be safely applied topically on the face or body (make sure to avoid the eyes & lips).
  • INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE: Our holistic & homeopathic skincare products are proudly made out of the purest ingredients on earth. Certainly no exception, this scar ointment consists only of natural ingredients.
  • EASY TO APPLY WAXY BALM: Thick, rich & creamy, the scar vanishing cream is incredibly easy to apply. You'll want to massage the concentrated scar lotion into skin until fully absorbed & apply heat for best results

 Product Description

A lotion that can remove scars & spots on your skin, our scar repair rejuvenation cream is a natural scar remover ointment in a league all of its own. Chemical-free, conditioning & ultra healing, this scar repair cream for face & body helps remove pimple scars, fade ingrown hair scars, erase wart scars & more. The balm naturally smooths & fades acne scarring, keloid scars, surgery scars, etc.

✅ Beeswax: rich in vitamin A, helps boost collagen production to speed up healing
✅ Coconut Oil: stimulates cellular turnover, may help new tissue bind together
✅ Shea Butter: fades old scars, may help stop keloid fibroblasts from reproducing
✅ Emu Oil: abundant in omega fatty acids essential for repairing damaged skin cells
✅ Vitamin E: laden with antioxidants proven to promote healing & repair of scarring
✅ Aloe Vera Gel: exfoliates to remove dead skin cells, defends skin against free radicals
✅ Sunflower Oil: loaded with vitamins A, D & E (all shown to accelerate scar removal)
✅ Mullein: nutrient-dense plant extract rich in fatty acids that support spot removal
✅ Plantain: natural exfoliant gently removes dead skin & aids in cellular regeneration
✅ Calendula: has astringent properties which help kill bacteria to prevent infection
✅ Echinacea: replenishes skin tissue with nutrients & gives it a healthy, radiant glow
✅ Yarrow: calms irritation, helps soothe itching, tones & balances the complexion
✅ Comfrey: anti-inflammatory herb helps repair soft tissues & promote new cell growth
✅ Cinnamon: antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, believed to invigorate cellular repair
✅ EO Blend: infused with pure lavender, rosemary, peppermint & tea tree essential oils

HOW TO USE: Massage scar therapy ointment onto scarred skin in slow, circular massaging motions 3-5X a day. Apply a warm compress for 30 min after to activate the scar repair cream.


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