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Wart Treatment

Wart Treatment

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  • GENTLY, NATURALLY TREATS WARTS: Purely natural wart eraser inhibits growth, kills warts & heals the skin. Use ointment to treat facial warts, neck warts, finger warts or plantar warts on the feet.
  • ALL NATURAL, VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE: Made from only the finest ingredients in raw form. We do our best to bring you effective but gentle holistic, homeopathic herbal alternative medicine solutions.
  • SKIN HEALING ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND: Not only blocks wart growth. Formula also promotes healing of the skin to leave it soft, smooth & supple to the touch. Contains coconut oil & vitamin E oil.
  • NO PAIN, NO SCARS & NO IRRITATION: Unlike prodding, picking or freeze away wart treatments, this nourishing wart liquid doesn't leave skin damaged. It's the #1 no pain, no scar solution for skin warts.
  • EASY TO USE LIQUID OIL WART DROPS: Safe enough for kids 3+ & for face. Dispense a few drops on cotton swab & apply to warts 1-3X daily. Results vary on the size & number of warts being treated.

Product Details:

Caused by infection, skin warts are contagious & common in both kids & adults, males & females.
Most types of wart medication contain harsh, toxic ingredients, but ours is made out of the purest all natural extracts & oils.

Max Strength Formula Contains Unique Blend of High Quality Effective Ingredients.

✅ Defense properties kill infections that cause warts & veruccas
✅ Found to be naturally healing, antifungal & anti infection
✅ Anti-infection oil contains bioactive compounds to dry warts

When it comes to natural wart removal, Natrulo's Liquid Wart Remover is the safest, gentlest choice. Safe & gentle on the skin,
our wart medicine is a recommended wart treatment for kids ages 3 & up. Many also consider is the best wart remover for face.

Besides a proprietary blend of pure essential oils, the fast acting wart be gone formula also contains other skin-loving ingredients.

✔️anti-inflammatory that soothes the skin & supports healing.
✔️softens skin + fades & repairs scar tissue to prevent scarring.

Aids in Removing the Most Common Types of Warts, including:
- plantar warts on the feet
- filiform warts on the face
- finger warts around the nails
- warts on the hands, arms, neck
- flat warts or moles on the body

** DO NOT use to treat warts near the eyes.

Remember to apply multiple times daily for best results. You may experience flaking, which is normal. Warts will gradually fade,
shrink & change color. Results are usually noticeable within 1-2 weeks, depending on how dark or how big the warts are.

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