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Eczema Cream

Eczema Cream

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  • NATURAL ECZEMA ITCH RELIEF CREAM: Purest eczema relief cream on the market! We used only the finest natural ingredients to create an eczema relief ointment that leaves skin soft, silky smooth, supple, spotless & itch free.
  • 100% PURE, HONEST, POTENT FORMULA: Best holistic skincare solution for men, women & children suffering from eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis, cellulitis, seborrheic eczema, keratosis pilaris & other common skin issues.
  • ANTI INFLAMMATORY & ANTI ITCHING: Our eczema treatment cream treats, heals & prevents flare ups. Rub ointment into skin to experience instant relief from itching urges, inflammation, irritation & burning sensations.
  • PREVENTS FLARE-UPS, REDUCES SCARS: Apply cream daily to maintain healthy skin. Our cream not only eases & prevents eczema symptoms, it also helps minimize the appearance of scars caused by scratching, rubbing, picking.
  • SAFE FOR BABIES, TODDLERS & ADULTS: Safe eczema cream for baby, toddler, elderly senior citizen or adult with sensitive skin. Safely apply to face (lips, cheeks, nose, eyelids) or body (chest, arms, back, neck, ears, hands).

Product Description:

Suffer from dry, flaky, itchy, swollen skin? Nature has the cure. Containing no additives or preservatives,
our non steroidal itch relief skin cream delivers the benefits of natural healing in one small 2 ounce jar.

 Shea Butter: anti-inflammatory acts as an emollient to protect skin from moisture loss & sun damage

 Argan Oil: helps fade the appearance of acne & eczema scars, stretchmarks, age spots, sun spots, etc.

 Kokum Butter: ultra rich/buttery, popular component of Ayurvedic healing therapy for problem skin

 Magnesium Oil: eases pain & reduces swelling by lowering cortisol levels & stabilizing hormones

 Vitamin E: speeds up cell repair to have skin looking clear + feeling supple, smooth & soft as silk

 Emu Oil: therapeutic extract found to provide natural pain relief & accelerate healing of wounds

 Neem Oil: antiseptic, antifungal & antibacterial - traditional homeopathic treatment for eczema

 Rosehip Seed Oil: reduces redness, soothes itchy skin, prevents flaking & diminishes scarring

 Aloe Vera Gel: loaded with enzymes & antioxidants which cleanse, condition & heal red, itchy skin

 Plantain Infused Olive Oil: topical elixir traditionally used by healers, medicine men & shamans

 Calendula Infused Baobab Oil: calms inflamed skin, replenishes omega fatty acids to promote repair

 Comfrey in Wheat Germ: helps skin grow new cells - builds stronger, healthier cellular frameworks

 St John's Wort Suspended in Sweet Almond Oil: anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal blood booster

 Essential Oil Infusion: lavender, rosemary, carrot seed, tea tree, frankincense, geranium, chamomile

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