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Kids Ear Drops

Kids Ear Drops

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  • Treat earaches & defend your ears against infection with our wholesome blend of herbal
    extracts & natural oils. Enriched with ingredients rich in antioxidants & antibodies, this
    ear drop liquid holistically treats ear infections, ear aches, swimmer's ear, tinnitus & more.

    Free of parabens, sulfates, additives & fillers, these natural kids ear drops for ear infection &
    earaches consists of only the purest extracts on the planet. We have gone to great lengths
    to source fresh ingredients to deliver you with purity & potency that is uncommon these
    days. Comfortably treat ear infections, ear aches, etc. with the healing powers of nature.

    These ear drops for clogged ears & infection prevention consist ONLY of the following:
    > Garlic - antibacterial; antifungal; antiviral; has antibodies that treat & prevent infection
    > Mullein - healing floral extract; breaks up wax, boosts circulation, reduces inflammation
    > Calendula - medicinal flower extract shown to holistically treat tinnitus ("ear ringing")
    > Olive Oil - old folk remedy for clogged ears; loosens wax, unclogs & cleanses ear canal
    > Vitamin E - nourishes skin in & around ear; helps extend shelf life of the earache drops
    > St. John's Wort - antibacterial; antiviral; effective remedy for earaches & ear infections

    Dispense liquid into a heat-safe dish & microwave for 10 seconds (DO NOT put dropper
    bottle in microwave) OR opt to warm in a water bath, making sure not to get any water
    inside the bottle. Always test the temperature on your hand before applying. Dispense 3-4
    drops in the affected ear & then plug with a cotton ball for 30 minutes. It's suggested you
    lay on your side when applying the ear drops so that the oil is allowed to fully penetrate.
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