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Itch Repair

Itch Repair

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  • NATURAL ITCHING RELIEF CREAM: Soothing relief anti-itch cream contains pure plantain infused olive oil, calendula extract, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, sea salt, vitamin E, wheat germ, comfrey, bentonite clay, lavender EO & tea tree EO.
  • SAFE FOR KIDS, BABIES & ADULTS: Hypoallergenic, Homeopathic, Vegan skincare safe for the entire family. Use moisturizer as itch relief ointment for kids, itchy nipple cream during pregnancy, diaper rash treatment or bug bite relief cream.
  • IMMEDIATE RELIEF + PROTECTION: Enjoy instant topical itch relief from insect/bug bites, razor burn, sunburn, shaving rash & more. Rich in antioxidants & minerals, the anti itch lotion also protects skin from free radicals as it soothes itching.
  • NATURALLY SPEEDS UP HEALING: Itch cream calms itchy genitals, feet, face, hands, bum, ears, vag, etc. but also promotes skin repair, cell regeneration, detoxification, rejuvenation to heal broken skin wounds caused by scratching & rubbing.
  • CREAM FOR FACE, HANDS & BODY: Use our purely natural itchy skin crème as an itch relief hand cream, itchy butt cream, itchy rash relief cream, anti itch nipple cream, jock itch relief cream, itchy groin cream or anti itch vaginal cream.

Product Description:

Our itchy skin treatment is made entirely out of natural ingredients proven to stop (& prevent) itching.
No additives. No fillers. No synthetics. No added fragrance. 100% nontoxic skincare for healhy skin.

Plantain: reduces stinging & itching caused by insect bites, mosquito bites, bee stings, wasp stings

Olive Oil: contains linoleic acid (reduces skin irritation, reduces swelling & reduces inflammation)

Calendula: has antifungal, anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties to speed up healing process

Grape Seed Oil: rich in vitamin E & vitamin C - repairs, rejuvenates & restores elasticity to skin

Sweet Almond Oil: anti-inflammation powerhouse rich in fatty acids the skin needs to repair itself

Coarse Sea Salt: gently stimulates circulation & promotes detoxification to rid skin of impurities

Vitamin E: intensive moisturizer locks in hydration to heal dry skin, chapped skin, sunburned skin

Bentonite Clay: eases inflamed skin suffering from itchy dermatitis, poison ivy, eczema, diaper rash

Comfrey in Wheat Germ: rebuilds structures of skin cells to help skin grow stronger, more resilient

Lavender Essential Oil: helps diminish stinging & itching + gives skin a healthy glow & even tone

Tea Tree Essential Oil: best natural antifungal, antiviral remedy for itchy eyelids, lips, groin, anus

Relief for itchy bum, itchy face, itchy inner ear, itchy lips, itchy nose, itchy underarms, itchy under breast
& so much more. Apply as anti itch allergy cream to calm flare ups, an anti itch bug bite cream or anti itch
after shave to soothe razor burn. No more red bumps. Our cream zap red spots, stops itching & softens skin.

Stop scratching & start healing. Every household needs a jar of our itch zapping ointment. Order yours now!

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