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Nail Oil

Nail Oil

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  • NATURE'S BEST ANTIFUNGAL NAIL OIL: Anti fungal nail treatments don't get much closer to nature than our anti fungal nail solution. Consisting of 100% pure essential oils, this potent tincture is the natural choice toenail fungus zapper.
  • FUNGUS KILLER FOR NAILS, TOENAILS: Use liquid as an anti fungal toenail treatment or fingernail antifungal ointment to treat toenail fungus & nail fungus + prevent infection. Apply as treatment & occasionally to maintain nail health.
  • KILLS FUNGUS & PROMOTES HEALING: Unlike an antifungal cream, our nail fungus drops kill fungus deep under the nail. Considered one of earth's most powerful moisturizers, safflower oil conditions, heals & softens the skin.
  • NATURAL, PURE & GENTLE FORMULA: Most prescribed & over the counter antifungal nail care products contain harsh chemicals & irritants. The gentler antifungal remedy, our herbal drops naturally eliminate fungal growth on nails.
  • EASY TO USE 15ML DROPPER BOTTLE: Fungus fighter anti-fungal treatment packaged in a bottle with dropper top for easy dispensing. Apply 1-2 drops of the essential oil liquid 2-4 times a day, rub in & let dry before putting on socks & shoes.

Product Description:

Nail fungus under the nail can be stubborn. Sometimes an anti fungal toenail cream just won't cut it. What's the better nail anti-fungal solution?
The answer is our naturally pure antifungal oil! Fast & easy nail fungus removal is made possible by the healing qualities of 100% essential oils.

All Natural Ingredients Responsibly Sourced - Homeopathic Remedy Essential Oil Blend for Treating Nail & Toe Nail Fungus

✔ TEA TREE OIL: extracted from leaves of Australian Melaleuca alternifolia trees - has antibacterial & antifungal properties

✔ LEMON OIL: citrus oil acts as a fungus growth inhibitor - believed to kill bacteria linked to infection & ingrown toenails

✔ LEMONGRASS OIL: rich in antioxidants + antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties - soothes infected, irritated skin

✔ OREGANO OIL: inhibits growth of nail fungus - considered a natural antibiotic - speeds up healing & promotes repair

✔ COPAIBA BALSAM: sappy substance extracted from tree trunks performs as an emollient to lock in soothing moisture

✔ SAFFLOWER OIL: shown to fight inflammation, reduce appearance of scarring, replenish skin cells with antioxidants

Top Reasons Why Our Nail Fungus Killer is Preferred by Naturalists - The Trusted Choice for All Natural Remedies
⭐ Premium Grade Ingredients
⭐ Cruelty-Free, Kosher, Vegan
⭐ Fast Acting, Highly Effective

Studies have shown that the essential oils featured in this nail fungus oil treatment attack microorganisms deep under the nail bed to eradicate &
prevent the spreading of fungal infection. Can also help promote nail growth. Improves nail health, brightens nails & helps removes yellowing.

Directions: dispense 1-2 drops per nail 2-4 times daily - rub into affected area & let penetrate
Use for 2 weeks after healing for best results. Avoid touching nails or skin with dropper to prevent contamination

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