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Mechanic Soap

Mechanic Soap

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  • NATURAL PUMICE SOAP: Infused with ultra-fine pumice, this bar soap for men is extra tough on gunk, grease & grime. A top soap for auto mechanics, our pumice soap for hands & body is a manly favorite.
  • MASCULINE SOAP SCENT: Blended with bergamot, lime & sandalwood essential oils + vanilla & ground coffee granules, the pumice soap for mechanics is exfoliating, energizing & has a fresh citrus spice scent.
  • VIKING STYLE SKINCARE: We take pride in the purity of our natural soap blends. In keeping with Nordic tradition, every soap is as raw & as pure as possible. We use only the finest purely natural ingredients.
  • HYDRATING & SOFTENING: Consisting of olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, lard & aloe vera, our organic soap base supplies a revitalizing boost of hydration to leave rough man skin soft, supple & silky smooth.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR DAD: Surprise the hardworking men in your life with manly soap gifts for him. Our men’s soap bars make excellent Father’s Day gifts, birthday gifts, Christmas stocking stuffers & more.

Product Description

To be used as a scented mechanic hand soap or mechanic soap for body, this soap bar for men strips away grease, dirt, mud & oil from skin to wash away the filth of a long, hard day's work. A preferred heavy duty handy soap for mechanics, this soap bar is grease-monkey approved!
Considered a pumice stone and soap in one, this all natural pumice soap is gritty enough to cleanse dirty hands covered in crud without drying skin. It's hydrating, exfoliating & gentle.
BERGAMOT has antibacterial, analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties to supply pain
relief, reduce swelling, combat acne breakouts & calm inflammation caused by skin allergies.
LIME is also antibacterial & anti-inflammatory + it has a zesty citrus scent to stimulate the senses. It's cleansing, clarifying, rich in antioxidants & proven to help prevent infection.
SANDALWOOD is a natural skin toner shown to boost radiance, firm sagging skin & improve elasticity. It can help ease itchy skin & inflammation caused by eczema or psoriasis.
VANILLA is teeming with antioxidants proven to block free radicals, vanish blemishes & help reverse skin damage. It also has a soft, subtle, sweet, cozy & comforting fragrance.
COFFEE GROUNDS are exfoliating, energizing & shown to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Extra gritty, our exfoliator pumice soap acts like a scrub to wash away impurities.
ULTRA FINE PUMICE granules gently exfoliate & cleanse skin. The sandy texture gives it a scrubbing quality to scour away stubborn muddy gunk, stuck-on filthy sludge & dirty muck.
Our pumice hand soap is an industrial strength pumice bar soap that cleans extra dirty & greasy hands without irritating skin.
It's manly smelling, naturally pure & blended for brute gentlemen.
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