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Lumberjack Soap

Lumberjack Soap

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  • EARTHY, WOODSY SCENT: Our alpine sage soap reveals a cool fragrance inspired by fresh mountain air. The scent is refreshing, brisk & bound to supercharge the senses for an indulgent bath or shower experience.
  • COOLING, REVITALIZING: The aromas of clary sage, cypress, lavender, peppermint & clove spice combine to yield a woody fragrance sprinkled with tingly hints of cool peppermint & soothing hints of lavender.
  • VIKING STYLE SKINCARE: We take pride in the purity of our natural soap blends. In keeping with Nordic tradition, every soap is as raw & as pure as possible. We use only the finest purely natural ingredients.
  • HYDRATING & SOFTENING: Consisting of olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, lard & aloe vera, our organic soap base supplies a rejuvenating boost of hydration to leave rough man skin soft, supple & silky smooth.
  • #1 CHOICE FOR MAN SKIN: Cleansing away dirt & grime takes grit. Formulated for the skincare needs of men, our scented soap bars for men are the manly soaps dudes confide in. Give them as soap gifts for him!

Product Description

To be used as a body wash soap and/or facial bar soap for men, this scented soap bar is 100% masculine. It washes away the gunk, softens skin & leaves it lightly scented with a real manly scent. Every 4oz alpine fir & sage soap bar has been handmade out of all natural essential oils!
CYPRESS has antiviral & antibacterial properties to help combat bacteria linked to acne & infection. This cleansing essential oil may even help holistically treat warts & skin fungus.
CLARY SAGE is proven to eliminate several strains of staph bacteria to prevent infection. Recommended for both oily & dry skin types, it has a cooling effect which calms inflammation.
LAVENDER is loaded with antioxidants shown to block free radicals from damaging skin. An anti-aging powerhouse, it also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, age spots & scars.
PEPPERMINT has antiseptic & antibacterial properties, so it can help soothe inflamed skin & banish irritation. It also has a slight tingle to it to reawaken tired skin & revitalize the senses.
CLOVE is a naturally exfoliating anti-aging ingredient which helps remove dead skin cells, boost circulation & firm sagging skin. It's firming, resurfacing & exfoliant powers are unmatched!
Escape to the alpine mountains ⛰฀ any day of the week with a man soap inspired by lumberjacks. Exhilarating, the alpine scent is as crisp as morning mountain air. Breathe it in slowly & drift away.
This sage soap for men is not only a soap that smells good. It's crafted to repair & rejuvenate the skin. Use our men's soap bars to cleanse the face or body. Natural, pure & gentle, every bar soap gets the job done without the added frills.
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