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Echinacea Drops

Echinacea Drops

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  • IMMUNE SUPPORT LIQUID DROPS: Nature's BEST immune boost herb in 1 oz liquid form! Strengthens & protects immune system to promote healthy living. Herbal remedy rich in antioxidants, vitamins & nutrients.
  • POTENT ANGUSTIFOLIA VARIETY: Extracted from the native echinacea angustifolia root rather than the leaf or flower, these echinacea cough drops provide more concentrated dosages. Just a few tiny drops a day does the trick.
  • GENTLE, ALCOHOL-FREE, VEGAN: Purity & potency are what we promise, so our immune health liquid supplement is never diluted. It's the alcohol free echinacea liquid you can trust. 100% vegan & Non-GMO herbal complex.
  • SAFE FOR BABIES, KIDS & TEENS: Many pediatricians who practice holistic healing recommend liquid echinacea for kids as a natural alternative to cold & cough medicine. Consult doctor before giving to children under 1.
  • EASY TO ADMINISTER DOSAGES: Immune system booster liquid packaged in 1oz glass dropper bottle. Simply dispense ¼ tsp under tongue or mix with water 1-3 times a day. Shake gently before use. Store at room temperature.

Product Details:

Over the counter cough & cold medicines are full of junk, but this nature made immune support syrup does the body good without exposing it to toxins. 

Naturlo's Echinacea Liquid Extract is a purely natural immune fortifier that strengthens the body's defenses.


⭐️ More Potent 

⭐️ Dissolvable 

⭐️ Sweet Taste 

⭐️ Easy to Take 

⭐️ Quickly Absorbed 

⭐️ Safe, Natural 

⭐️ No Side Effects


✔️ All Natural Immune Fortifier 

✔️ Natural Body Recovery Booster 

✔️ Healthy Tooth and Gum Support 

✔️ Healthy Yeast Balancing Benefits 

✔️ Helps to Promote Digestive Regularity 

✔️ Soothing Benefits for Throat and Tonsils 

✔️ Supports a Healthy Inflammatory Response 

✔️ Helps to Maintain a Healthy Mind and Mood 

✔️ Healthy Oxygen Intake for Comfortable Breathing 

Ingredients: Echinacea angustifolia root extract, glycerine, distilled water.

About Natrulo 

Natrulo offers all-natural skincare remedies that are formulated with herbs and essential oils sourced directly from the USA to meet the highest-quality standards. At Natrulo, we’re on a mission to provide safe and effective all-natural alternatives to chemical-laden creams and ointments that are used to treat common skin ailments.

All of our products are handmade in the USA and free of harsh chemicals, parabens, GMOs, SLS, petroleum, phthalates, gluten, and artificial dyes and scents, to ensure that they are 100% safe and free of harmful side effects.

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