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Cedar Citrus Soap

Cedar Citrus Soap

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  • SCENTED SOAP FOR MEN: Our men’s soap bars are highly fragranced, moisturizing, cleansing & clarifying. Handmade in the USA, these all natural soaps for him have a fine reputation among gentlemen.
  • CITRUS + CEDAR WOODS: Infused with a medley of sweet orange, cedar & cypress essential oils, this 4 ounce manly soap for men unleashes energizing citrus fruit aromas mixed with hints of crisp woodsy undertones.
  • VIKING STYLE SKINCARE: We take pride in the purity of our natural soap blends. In keeping with Nordic tradition, every soap is as raw & as pure as possible. We use only the finest purely natural ingredients.
  • HYDRATING & SOFTENING: Consisting of olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, lard & aloe vera, our organic soap base supplies a revitalizing boost of hydration to leave rough man skin soft, supple & silky smooth.
  • AWESOME GIFTS FOR HIM: Natural bar soaps by Natrulo make excellent gift ideas for men. Our men’s soap company produces the best quality soap bars for the man who has everything (dad, husband, grandpa, etc.)
Product Description

Bring the glow & glory back to battered skin with the rejuvenating powers of this cedar & citrus soap for men. This all natural bar soap for men helps cleanse skin of impurities but also promotes detoxification & a boost of radiance to leave skin soft as silk, extra supple, clear & blemish-free.

Better yet, the men's natural cedar soap unfurls a real manly, truly masculine scent when lathered. It's uplifting, energizing, revitalizing & perfect for stimulating the senses to kickstart your morning.

SWEET ORANGE OIL: Shown to have antibacterial & antifungal properties, this essential oil helps combat acne breakouts & prevent fungus linked to athlete's foot. It also aids in the production of collagen to support healing & repair + boosts blood flow to reduce redness & ease inflammation.

CEDAR WOOD OIL: Also anti-inflammatory & antimicrobial, this oil further assists in killing harmful bacteria on the face and/or body. It even has a brisk woodsy scent inspired by wilderness to contribute to a relaxing & rejuvenating spa-like experience. The fresh aromas help lift away stress.

CYPRESS WOOD OIL: A common homeopathic remedy for warts, cypress oil has antibacterial, antiviral & antifungal properties. A proven pore cleanser & minimizer, it also helps draw out toxins, firm & refine skin. The monoterpenes in this natural astringent keep skin protected against pollutants.

Creamy, extra hydrating & soothing, our soap base gently restores softness & suppleness to skin. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, olive oil is rich in essential fatty acids & antioxidants, cocoa butter acts as an emollient to protect skin against moisture loss & aloe vera supports pore refinement to leave skin visibly softer, smoother & much more supple. Order your soap bar now!

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