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Athlete Foot Spray

Athlete Foot Spray

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  • ANTIFUNGAL FOOT SPRAY: Caused by a lack of ventilation, sweaty feet can lead to foot fungus. Keep your feet & toes fungus-free with our extra strength all natural athlete’s foot treatment for men, women & kids.
  • NATURAL LIQUID FUSION: Our all natural foot spray consists of vinegar, witch hazel & a blend of pure essential oils proven to naturally cure feet fungus. It’s nature’s best athlete’s foot liquid for treating stinky & itchy feet.
  • HOLISTIC, HOMEOPATHIC: Free from chemicals & additives, this concentrated antifungal liquid spray for feet helps promote natural healing. The formula is gentle on skin but tough on stubborn foot fungus & smelly odors.
  • COOLS & CALMS ITCHING: Use the vegan foot spray as an astringent cooling foot spray for burning feet to calm itching, reduce swelling, refresh, sooth fatigued feet & kill bacteria linked to ringworm, jock itch & athlete’s foot.
  • COMBATS STINKY ODORS: Safe for adults & children, this purely natural foot spray with tea tree oil, peppermint oil, lavender oil & lemon essential oil infused into it helps eliminate odors. No more smelly toes or feet itching.

Product Description

Feet burning & itching? You might have a common case of athlete's foot. Entirely ALL natural, our therapeutic disinfectant deodorizer foot spray is the best natural treatment for athlete's feet.
The cooling foot spray consists of ingredients derived directly from natural botanical & herbal sources. 100% nontoxic, our liquid foot spray includes the following purely natural ingredients:
Vinegar: soaking feet in vinegar is a proven athlete's foot remedy
Witch Hazel: natural astringent helps reduce perspiration of the feet
Tea Tree Oil: kills bacteria, has antifungal & antibacterial properties
Clove Oil: potent antifungal extract rich in fugus-fighting properties
Oregano Oil: antifungal naturally treats ringworm & itchy athlete's feet
Lavender Oil: also has antifungal, antibacterial & antimicrobial qualities
Peppermint Oil: cools, soothes itching, invigorates tired feet, boosts circulation
Lemon Oil: refreshing, relaxing, antifungal, rich in antioxidants to speed healing

Safe & gentle enough to be used as an athlete's foot treatment for kids, our itchy feet foot spray is 100% nontoxic, natural & vegan. Formulated for holistically treating foot fungus, the peppermint foot spray performs just as well as any medicated foot spray for athlete's feet.
It's the #1 choice among families!
Burning, itchy feet be gone. All it takes is this intensive antifungal foot spray to keep your toes & feet itch-free & odor-free. No other antifungal foot treatment is as naturally powerful as our stinky feet spray.

HOW TO USE: Shake bottle well before use. Spray the liquid treatment onto bottom of feet 2X a day (concentrating on the areas between toes) & let air dry before putting on socks & shoes. Apply liquid twice daily until symptoms fully resolve. Wear well-ventilated shoes & clean socks to prevent fungus.
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