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Sulfur Soap

Sulfur Soap

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  • ALL NATURAL 10% SULFUR SOAP BAR: Enriched with 10% sulfur, our handmade bar soap can help relieve skin conditions including acne breakouts & psoriasis. Sulfur is a natural ingredient found to have antibacterial & antifungal properties.
  • RECOMMENDED FOR OILY SKIN TYPES: Gentler than salicylic acid & safer for sensitive skin than benzoyl peroxide, sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral proven to absorb excess oil, aid in the regulation of sebum production & gently exfoliate.
  • HELPS TREAT, PREVENT & HEAL ACNE: By reducing oiliness & fighting bacteria, this natural sulfur soap can help keep skin blemish-free, slick-free & shine-free. The sulfur acts as a detox for pores clogged with oily grime & other impurities.
  • PROUDLY HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA: 100% made in America, our handmade soap bars are crafted with care from high quality ingredients & packaged with love. Natural skincare products by Natrulo are as close to nature as you can get.
Product Description:

A real blemish buster, our sulfur soap skin care cleansing bar is the leading acne soap bar for oily skin.
This acne cleanser is handmade from the purest ingredients on earth. The formula is 100% NATURAL.

✅ 10% Sulfur: dries out surface of skin & draws out dead skin cells to combat blackheads & pimples

✅ Vitamin E: non-comedogenic oil replenishes hydration without clogging pores or leaving skin oily

✅ Tea Tree Oil: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, helps kill germs & bacteria, aids in healing process

✅ Lemongrass: nature's best skin toner; also performs as astringent, helps shrink pore size & firm skin

✅ Coconut Milk: nourishing & rich in vitamins which help repair damage, fade acne scars, soften skin

DIRECTIONS: wet skin, work soap bar into lather, apply suds to damp skin in circular motions,
let the suds sit for 60-90 seconds, rinse with warm water & pat dry before toning & moisturizing.

We here at Natrulo have taken it upon ourselves to create handcrafted bar soaps blended to commend the
riches of earth. Our handcrafted soap bars are made in the USA from only the finest & purest ingredients.

Though most commonly used as a face wash for oily skin & acne prone skin, the 10% sulfur bar soap also
helps skin that suffers from rosacea, eczema & psoriasis. Use it as a facial cleanser, body cleanser or sulfur
shampoo bar for treating dandruff & itchy scalp. The soap can even be used as antibacterial dog shampoo
for treating mites, yeast infections & other skin conditions. (DO NOT let pets lick soap, rinse thoroughly)

This sulfur bar soap for acne, oily skin & other common skin conditions gently dries up blemishes & helps
reduce shine to support a mattified complexion. And it contains absolutely NO palm oil, additives, or
synthetic preservatives. Click ADD TO CART to order your 4 oz 10% sulfur bar soap for clear skin!

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